These are quotes written by students on the last day of the project.  As their teachers, we are proud of their hard work and enthusiasm throughout the process.  They excelled as researchers, writers, animators, musicians, videographers, actors, video editors, web designers, and more.  Great job, 6th grade!


“I realized science is not only physics, chemistry, biology, or just the study of how things work.  Science is also technology.”

“I have learned a lot about different causes and a lot about computers and video editing.” 

“It has helped me notice that science is everywhere.”

“I have learned more about alternative energy and about how long recording takes.”

 “It taught me more about biology.”

 “I have learned a lot about my topic and how to edit videos.”

“Getting a movie to be perfect is very hard work.”

“My favorite part was the stop-motion and the research.  My least favorite part was NOTHING!”

“I would not change anything I just wish we had more time.”

“My favorite part was making the video because it was very creative.”

“I couldn’t say my favorite part because I loved everything.”

 “Favorite = everything.  Least favorite = nothing.”

“I wouldn’t do anything differently.  This project was so fun I don’t want it to end.  I think we did everything at our best effort.”

“I learned to work harder.”

“This project has changed how I think about science.  I knew science could cure sickness and diseases, but I never realized science could save the world.” 

“It has changed a lot about [how I think of] science but I think the most important was how much science can do to help save the world and how many choices we have.”

 “I really got a better understanding of what science can do.”

“I already thought [science] was fun and important but doing this project made me think about science as a way to change the world.” 

“Science isn’t always just researching, working in the lab, or finding solutions to problems every day.  Science can be fun and exciting.”



Posted December 9, 2011 by sciencesavestheworld